American Standard Automatic Flush Valve Chrome 6063013.002 NEW

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This is a brand new never used in original packaging American Standard selectronic urinal 0.125 GPF flush valve in polished chrome finish model 6063013.002

An impressive collection of electronic and manual valves designed to meet the demands of high-use spaces. Labor-saving installation, water-saving operation and time-saving maintenance and care.


•••Exclusive pressure compensation feature allows the flush valve to deliver a constant flush volume regardless of water pressure

•••Flush valve can not be adjusted to deliver more or less water, ensuring water savings and performance

•••Electronic flush valve with Selectronic proximity system for hygienic "Hands Free" operation

•••Self-cleaning piston helps prevent clogging and reduces maintenance

•••Positive Seal ensures leak-free performance without the chance of warping or cracking

•••Fully mechanical manual override button can flush toilet during a power outage

•••Range can be adjusted manually or by remote control

•••State-of-the art electronics eliminates false flushes

•••Sensor and electronic controls are hermetically sealed to ensure reliable operation

•••Sanitary flush - valve automatically flushes after 24 hours of non-use to maintain trap seal and clean fixture

•••Stadium Feature - valve automatically switches to water savings mode during periods of heavy usage

•••Fail-safe - valve automatically closes on loss of power; remains closed during start-up

•••3 Second flush delay

•••Low battery indicator

•••Can be installed left or right-handed

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