• Aquasol I-Purge X Inflatable Bladder Purge System 20"-26" welding gas NEW

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    This is a brand new never used in original packaging Aquasol I Purge X inflatable purge bladder 20"-26"

    I-PurgeX® Modular Inflatable Bladder Systems.  One system fits multiple pipe sizes.  The most versatile and adaptable solution for pipe purging.  The modular design and quick connect fittings make it easy to swap out sizes on the inflatable bladder modules, allowing for any number of unique combinations. 

    The I-Purge X is the most adaptable and technologically advanced modular inflatable bladder system available to date.

    The I-Purge X comes equipped with its revolutionary Bladder Expansion Technology (BET) that enables one unit to fit multiple pipe sizes. Bladders have the ability to expand and contract to fit each piping specification and are protected by a spark resistant exterior cover that does not combust when exposed to flames and sparks.

    These state-of-the-art features allow the operator to create multiple configurations, including a one sided pipe stopper and reducer. Bladders are available in sizes ranging from 2″- 3″ (51 mm – 76 mm) to 38″- 48″ (965 mm – 1219 mm) and may be purchased either individually or as a complete system, a distinct advantage should additional sizes be desired or a component need replacing.

    Coupled with an extended length, high heat resistant harness; the I-Purge X is the most versatile pipe purging solution available and is ideal for fabrication shops and and any environment with pipe accessibility. Manufactured in the USA from the highest quality materials, the I-Purge X is a reusable, long-term solution that is expandable, extendable, and simply extraordinary.

    ••••Bladder Features••••

    •••Spark Resistant Durable Exterior Cover

    •••Heavy-Duty Interior Inflatable Bag

    •••Corrosion Resistant Quick Connect Fittings

    •••Preset Relief Valve Allows for Precise Flow Rates & Decreases the Risk of Over-Inflation

    •••Inert Gas Diffuser Disperses Gas in All Directions Within the Weld Zone

    •••Separate Connections for Inflation, Flooding, & Exhaust

    •••Gas Lines Have 1/4" NPT Female Fittings with Optional 1/4" NPT to 3/8" Hose Barb Fitting Included

    •••Exhaust Line Designed for Hooking Up an Oxygen Monitor for Improved O2 Analysis:  3/16" (4.8mm) hose barb

    •••Strong Pull Loops for Insertion and Removal

    •••Protective Carrying and Storage Bag Included

    •••Made in USA

    ••••High Heat Harness••••

    •••Additional, Interchangeable Harnesses Available in Extended Lengths to Accomodate Pre-Heating & High Heat Applications

    •••Internal Hose and Protective External Fiberglass Sleeve Capable of Withstanding Temperatures up to 1200°F (650°C)

    •••Flexible Bridge Harness Easily Navigates Through Elbows and Tee Junctions

    •••Kink Resistant Hose Assures Continuous Gas Supply

    •••Harness Includes Luminescent Indicator for Accurate Alignment at the Root Gap

    •••Made in USA

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