• Cooktek Incogneeto Under-counter Induction Buffet Warmer B652-U2

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    This is a brand new never used in original packaging Cooktek Incogneeto II under-counter induction buffet warmer model B652-U2

    Prepare to be amazed! See your stone counter top “magically” become a heated buffet table with induction buffet warmers by CookTek®.

    The CookTek® Incogneeto™ induction buffet warmer is designed to be mounted directly under stone or engineered stone counter tops.

    Like magic, a beautiful piece of stone topped furniture can transform into a buffet warmer, capable of holding food accurately to within +/-2°F (+/-1.2°C).

    The unit mounts in a square ring (supplied) underneath the counter. The ring is screwed into plywood, or narrow plywood strips, which are glued onto the stone, or stone’s backing. No drilling or cutting of the stone is required.

    The real key to the system is the patent pending Magneeto™ 2. This trivet-like device is used on the upper surface of the countertop to locate the heat zone (a red LED flashes.)

    Then, once an induction compatible dish is placed on top, and a temperature selected on the control panel (which can be hidden away under the counter, or on the reverse side), the Magneeto™ 2 acts as a temperature sensor and wireless communicator. Temperature information is relayed to the unit below the stone top, in order to first attain and then maintain a desired temperature. Out of the box the unit offers four selectable temperature settings: 150°F / 160°F / 175°F and 190°F (65°C / 70°C / 80°C and 85°C). A broader range, down to 80°F (30°C) for chocolate is accessible via the keypad (using a hidden service mode which is described in the owner's manual). The unit offers a number of selections from a range of 80°F to 190°F (30°C to 85°C). The Magneeto™ 2 also acts as a trivet – protecting the top surface of the stone from direct contact with a hot dish.

    The Magneeto™ 2 can also be programmed or "flashed" with a desired temperature (via the keypad). A flashed disk will set the desired temperature automatically when placed on the stone (control panel is overidden). Disks can easily be reset or reprogrammed easily at any time via a hidden service mode (less than 10 button presses to accomplish).

    Any dish up to a diameter of approximately 12" (305mm), with an induction compatible base, can be used on top of a Magneeto™ 2. Use beautiful enamel cast ironware or traditional chafers to create the right look and ambience for the buffet dining experience.

    The stone itself is not heated so long as it contains no magnetic material. For assistance selecting a countertop surface, please read the Installations Best Practices document.

    The patent pending Incogneeto™ system is the only sure way to heat through stone safely without damaging the material itself in any way.


    •••Heat buffet dishes directly through solid stone.

    •••No cut-outs or holes required in the stone.

    •••Invisible outside of service.

    •••Just a “trivet” and dish are visible during service.

    •••Accurate to within +/-2°F (+/-1.2°C).

    •••Patent pending.

    •••Turn any induction compatible dish into a precise temperature buffet warmer.

    •••650 watts provides electrical convenience.

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