• Daniamant Intrinsically Safe Lifebuoy Light Model L161 NEW

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    This is a brand new never used in original packaging Daniamant Lifebuoy Light Intrinsically Safe model L161

    The Daniamant L161 Lifebuoy Light is fully approved to SOLAS/MED standards and also holds ATEX, IECEx and ETL listing under UL913. It is intrinsically safe (category 1) and as such is suitable for use in Hazardous zones 0, 1 and 2. The Daniamant L161 Lifebuoy Light is the newest intrinsically safe Lifebuoy Light and will replace the well established L40 Light.

    The Daniamant L161 Lifebuoy Light has SOLAS / MED / ATEX / IECEx approvals and ETL listed.

    Key features: Intrinsically safe for use in ALL potentially explosive zones, Five year life. No maintenance or replacement batteries are required, Compact size, 76 meter drop height, exceeding SOLAS requirement, Easy fitting, LED technology, Exempt from Class 9 transport requirements 1.08g (lithium metal battery).



    •••Approved for use in explosive environments as per the European Union's ATEX directives and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe's IECEx certification system

    •••NSN: 6230-99-366-5928

    •••Included by the UK Department of Energy & Climate Change on its approved Energy Technology List

    •••Intrinsically safe for use in all potentially explosive zones

    •••Five-year life

    No maintenance or replacement batteries required

    •••Compact size

    •••76-metre drop height exceeding SOLAS requirement

    •••Easy fitting

    •••LED technology

    •••Exempt from miscellaneous hazardous material Class 9 transportation requirements

    •••Mounting plate available to ensure easy fixing when replacing the L40 Lifebuoy Light

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