• Emerson BKF-053S 3/8” ODF Liquid Line Bi-Directional Filter Drier NEW

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    This is a brand new never used (no original packaging) Emerson 3/8” ODF liquid line bi-directional filter drier model BKF-053

    Liquid Line Hermetic Filter Driers

    The Emerson hermetic filter drier provides superior filtration of contaminants, drying of the refrigerant, and removal of acids versus any other filter drier on the market, making it ideal for both the refrigerants of today and tomorrow. 

    Take-Apart Liquid and Suction Filter Driers

    These replaceable core filter driers are ideal for large commercial air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Options include full flow fittings for low pressure drop, R-410A rated models, and corrosion resistant brass body with stainless steel bolts.

    Filter Drier Cores and Filters

    Filter drier cores remove moisture, acids, and debris from the system. Emerson has the broadest range of desiccant blends in the industry. Products range from 100% activated alumina (high acid) to 100% molecular sieve (high moisture). There is an Emerson core for every application, and all cores are completely interchangeable with other cores and shells. 


    •••Available 5 to 30 cu. in. size

    •••Internal check valves allow flow and filtration in either direction, eliminates need for external check valves

    •••High moisture and acid removal capacity

    •••Corrosion resistant epoxy powder paint finish

    •••Copeland® brand products approved for POE oils

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