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    This is a brand new never used in original packaging FQS Bug Alert fuel testing kit model FQS-005

    Effective control of microbial contamination through biocide use is only possible when routine monitoring of fungi and bacteria levels are performed. The Bug Alert® test kit make routine determinations of fungal and bacteria populations quick and easy. The Bug Alert® test kit contains flexible plastic strips to which nutrient-containing filter paper is attached. The kit is complete and ready to use. No special equipment or training is necessary. Test results can be read Aerobic Bacteria (AB) 24-36 hrs and Yeast & Mold (YM) 72 hrs.


    The YM stands for Yeast and Molds (fungi), these are closely related organisms and generally require the same conditions for growth. Results may be read as early as 72 hours and may take an additional 3 days. The AB stands for Aerobic Bacteria, those organisms which require oxygen. Most bacteria that contaminates the industrial environment are in this category and will grow on the AB test strip. The kit contains dehydrated pads and requires no refrigeration.


    If the test strips are positive for bugs, call FQS to consult possible treatment options. If the test strips are negative, the next step would be to check for SRB (Sulfate Reducing Bacteria) anaerobic bacteria to determine if this might be the problem. A bottom fuel sample is required for microbiological testing.


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