• Heatcraft Thin Profile Reach-In Unit Cooler TL28BTFTXVG NEW

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    This is a brand new never used in original packaging Heatcraft thin profile electric defrost for reach in cooler units. Defrost is modle TL28BTFTXVG 

    Model TL low temperature unit cooler has a completely automatic defrost system. Mounted in the top of a refrigerator, its extremely compact cabinet makes it possible to utilize the entire top shelf area for storage. Having a normal operating range of +20°F. to –20°F., this unit is ideally suited applications including commercial freezers, ice cream boxes, bakery freezers and dual-temp reach-in boxes. Mechanical contact is provided between the heater elements and the drain pan, ensuring a warm pan during the defrost cycle. Opting for EC motors makes this product quali ed to be included in the E SolutionsTM product portfolio because of increased energy e ciency and cost savings.


    • Electric defrost ensures positive heat source

    • Built-in fan delay allows coil to be chilled before returning to the normal

    cooling cycle

    • Defrost terminates on coil temperature eliminating excessive defrost period

    • Textured aluminum cabinet

    • Molded Polycarbonate guard

    • Knockouts provided on sides for electrical connections - opening in rear for coil


    • Expansion valve can be mounted inside the cabinet

    • Stainless steel screws

    • Motors are thermally protected and permanently lubricated

    • Internal junction box for electrical connection

    • Plate type aluminum  ns with full collars on expanded copper tubes • Coils are dehydrated and sealed

    • Easy to install and maintain

    • Sweat inlet connection to reduce leaks

    • All models UL listed for the US and Canada

    • UL classi ed to NSF standardsDimensional Data


    •••Ceiling mount

    •••Textured aluminum cabinet

    •••Molded Lexan® fan guards

    •••Rustproof fasteners

    •••Electric defrost heaters terminate on

    coil temperature

    •••Built-in fan delay allows the coil to chill before turning on

    •••Air is drawn in through fan and discharges away from coil

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