• InnoMax Genesis 800 Ultra Waveless Lumbar Support Waterbed Mattress King NEW

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    This is a brand new never used in original packaging InnoMax Genesis 800 ultra waveless lumbar support mattress model 1-05-800DXF-01

    The InnoMax GD800 Genesis 800 Ultra Waveless Waterbed Mattress nearly eliminates motion to provide custom tailored hydrodynamic sleep™ that contours to the body, resulting in virtually perfect body alignment for the ideal sleeping posture. The deep fill InnoMax G800, for use with minimum rigid box or wood waterbed frames, provides near waveless support when filled properly. The GD800Ultra Waveless Waterbed Mattress, provides dual adjustability, full depth flotation, near waveless performance and mid body lumbar support. Other features include; 24 mil premium vinyl, ultra contouring sculpted body profile low tension vacuum formed sleep surface, Air release valve, 3 dimensional multi-laminate reinforced corners, 4-way tethered support system, Recessed L-Seam construction and a thermally efficient black bottom. The SG1™ (Specific Gravity 1) Low Tension Mattress (LTM) surface features responsive levels of support for your body's varied levels of need; for the head, mid-body spinal and leg areas. For near perfect body alignment, the responsive give of the generously over-cut SG1™ surface cradles your body while the interior elements provide complementary support. Additionally, the SG1™ LTM surface eliminates disruption of the other sleeper when one gets out of bed and with varying weights of sleep partners. NASA astronaut training is often done under water as it simulates the effects of being weightless because the human body, comprised of 90% water, is in balance with the fluid environment. Just as babies are suspended in a gravity neutral fluid environment until born, InnoMax SG1 Hydrodynamic Sleep™ mattresses truly offer flotation support as nature prescribes. The body can only be truly relaxed when muscles do not have to constantly fight the forces of gravity. SG1™ fluid suspension evenly supports your body in gravity neutral sleep and offer hygienic environment as they are easily cleaned with approved waterbed vinyl conditioner.


    •••Molded conch shell design top with phase ii air release valve

    •••24 Mil premium aqua marine vinyl

    •••Dual adjustability weightless feel featuring near waveless performance and gravity neutral fluid suspension premium enhanced mid-body support system

    •••Multi layer wave elimination system and 24 mil premium pearlized vinyl

    •••Sculpted body profile sleep surface and generously over-cut low tension design

    •••Use with approved dual waterbed heaters waterbed safety liner waterbed water and vinyl conditioner do not fill above safety liner

    •••10 Layer total mid-body support system

    •••L-Seam construction with recessed black bottom

    •••4 Way tethered support system for integrated internal component stabilization Phase II air release valve and recessed black bottom L-seam construction

    •••Multi laminate dual color molded reinforced corners

    •••Genesis collection

    •••Recommended bed frame: Wooden waterbed frame

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