• Mabis 12069 Heelbo Limbo Quilted Limb Holder Large NEW BULK DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE

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    This is one pair brand new never used in sealed original packaging Mabis Heelbo limbo limb restraint model 12069

    These limb holders are made of soft, quilted material that is seamless to help prevent skin abrasions. It offers durability and breathability for enhanced air flow, patient comfort and skin care. The safe and secure special Quick Release D-ring and clasp allow fast release during emergencies in five seconds or less.


    •••Cool, comfortable and washable quilted material.

    •••Durable fabric has 'bellows" action providing air-cooled comfort.

    •••Fast and easy access to the patient.

    •••Large enough to accommodate armboards.

    •••Most secure limb holder.

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