Matthews 71010455 Puritan Bronze Cremation Urn 5in W x 8in H x 6in D NEW

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This is a brand new never used Matthews puritan bronze adult 6oz urn model 71010455

For centuries, urns have served as perpetual and meaningful memorials for people who prefer cremation. Whether placed in a niche or taken home, urns are dignified memorials for cremated remains. Matthews offers a diverse collection of urns that are crafted for individual or companion inurnment in meaningful shapes and designs. Choose from sculpted, cast or fabricated bronze, Cultured Marble, Artisan Metal and small Keepsake urns. Because many families have a desire to create memorialization that expresses the individuality of their loved ones, Matthews also will custom design a cremation urn to create a special tribute. 

The Puritan Bronze Cremation Urn features a bold black border on the front of the urn. This is a solid bronze cremation urn manufatcured by the Bronze Division of Matthews International. This urn is a popular fabricated cast bronze cremation urn. In fabricated cast bronze urns, the pieces of molded or shaped bronze are welded together to form the urn. The urn has a bottom plate which attaches with screws. As with any urn, it is highly recommended to keep the cremains inside a sealed plastic bag inside the urn.


•••Size: 5"W x 8"H x 6"D

•••Cubic Inches: 205 - suitable for most people with healthy weights less than 200 pounds

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