• OTC SPX Genisys EVO Including Smart Cards, Cable Kits, Scope Kits & More NEW

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    This is a brand new never used in original packaging OTC Genesys EVO scan tool kit including several smart cards, cables, scopes, etc. all included items shown in photos and listed below

    ••••KIT CONTENTS••••

    Genesys EVO scan tool

    3880 video inspection scope 

    554469 Instructions 

    555302 Genesys EVO user guide

    534259 scope w/infotech user guide 

    3421-88 OBD II smart cable 

    3421-67 Reader/Adapter 

    Drawer foam insert

    Top foam insert 

    Genisys EVO sticker 

    Software suite 

    Compact flash(pre installed in scan tool)

    ••••SMART CARDS••••

    •••Infotech 2006 software smart card 

    •••USA 2009 Asian with Pathfinder 

    •••USA 2008 European with Pathfinder 

    •••USA 2009 Domestic with Pathfinder 

    •••USA 2008 ABS smart card 

    ••••DOMESTIC 07 CABLE KIT••••

    •••3305-84 Ford III cable

    •••3305-58 Ford II cable

    •••3305-65 Chrysler III cable

    •••212635 Chrysler cable

    •••212633 GM cable

    •••212653 TPI cable

    ••••ABS 04 CABLE KIT••••

    •••238464 GM Kelsey-Hayes cable

    •••3305-19 MECS cable

    •••213486 ABS 2002 turbo/universal B cable

    •••3305-27 Ford ABS cable

    3800-05 Blue cable

    3800-06 Green cable

    3800-04 Red cable

    3800-07 Yellow cable

    3800-09 Black cable 

    Battery adapter 

    3305-72 power cable

    3305-71 extension cable 

    515937 scope training program 

    3688 scope module 

    3481-03 KV probe 

    3481-02 Sync scope cable 

    31529 GM HEI adapter 

    550176 cover insert 

    550210 compact flash cover 

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