• Saloman S-Lab Skate Red Set For Warm Slushy Conditions NEW

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    This is a brand new never used set of Salomon S-Lab skate red for warm slushy conditions 

    When you show up for race day knowing that conditions are a little sloppy but speed isn't optional, pull out the Salomon S-Lab Skate Red Ski. A World Cup-caliber rocket, the Red is made to give expert skiers and serious racers the boost they need to challenge for the podium, so it's not surprising that it's stiff, powerful, and responsive. The Nomex composite honeycomb core keeps weight to an absolute minimum—just barely over two pounds per pair—while extra-thin wood sidewalls and a carbon-fiber laminate give the ski powerful rebound to propel you forward through heavy, wet snow with every kick.

    Salomon designed the Red expressly for warm, soft, and sloppy snow, which basically means it softened up the flex a little bit and pressed the ski with Salomon's 587 Balanced Camber profile. This reduces the length of glide zones and raises the tip and tail to limit suction when you're gliding over wet snow. Every ski is also pressed with Digital Dynamic Flex Control to ensure perfectly uniform flex characteristics in every pair. In keeping with it's soft-snow orientation, the Red features a pre-waxed G5 White base that equips it to glide as much as possible in sloppy snow, along with a World Cup Warm grind that structures the base to perform at top efficiency when the snow is wet, warm, and soft.


    •••Ski for earning a podium spot in wet, slushy conditions

    •••Lightweight core remains quick when the snow isn't

    •••Carbon-fiber laminate adds responsiveness to each kick

    •••Camber profile reduces suction by raising tip and tail

    •••Base tuned to glide as much as possible in warm, slow snow

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