• Shakti 4" 16GPM 3HP Submersible Well Pump QF 5/24 Model 9000002519

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    This is a brand new never used in original packaging Shakti 4" 3HP 16GPM 230V Submersible Well Pump with 1.25" NPT model 9000002519

    Shakti Submersible Pump Features & Benefits

    4", 6", 8", 10" & 12" submersible pumps are energy- efficient duty points ranging from 1m3/h to 280 /h. The pump range consists of many pump sizes and each pump size is available with an optional number of stages to match any duty point.

    High Pump Efficiency

    Often pump efficiency is a neglected factor compared to the price variations and are without importance of pump and motor efficiencies


    We offer a complete range of pumps and motors which as a standard are made completely of stainless steel AISI-304. This provides for good wear resistance and a reduced risk of corrosion when pumping ordinary cold water with a minor content of chloride.

    Low Installation Costs

    Stainless steel means low weight facilitating the handling of pumps and resulting in low equipment costs and reduced installation and service time. In addition pumps will be as new after service due to the high wear resistance of stainless steel

    Shakti Well Pump General Specifications

    QF Pump Applications Include: Raw Water Supply, Irrigation Systems, Groundwater Lowering, Pressure Boosting & Industrial Applications

    Pumped Liquids - Clean, thin, non-aggressive liquids without solid particles or fibers

    Operating Conditions: Flow rate, Q: 1.2 m3/h - 280 m3/h | Head, H: Max 670m

    The speed of the motors is approximately :

    - 4" motors : n=2870 min-1

    - 6" motors : n=2870 min-1

    - 8" to 12" motors : n=2870 min-1

    - The measurements made with airless water at a temperature 2 of 20°c.The curves apply to a kinematic viscosity of 1mm /s. When pumping liquids with a density higher than that of water, motors with correspondingly higher outputs must be used.

    - The bold curves indicate the recommended performance range.

    - The performance curves are inclusive of possible losses such as non-return valve loss.

    QF2, QF5, QF6, QF12, QF20, QF25 CURVE :

    - Q/H: The curves are inclusive of valve and inlet losses at the actual speed

    - Power Curve: Bpkw/Stage shows pump power input per stage

    - Efficiency Curve: Efficiency shows pump stage efficiency

    QF10, QF15, QF30, QF50, QF75, QF100, QF125, 0F160, QF210, QF270, QF360 CURVE

    - Q/H: The curves are inclusive of valve and inlet losses at the actual speed, Operation without non-return valve will increase the actual head at nominal performance by 0.5 to 1.0 m

    - NPSHR The curve is inclusive of suction case and shows required inlet pressure

    - Power Curve: It shows pump power input at the actual speed for each individual pump size

    - Efficiency Curve: Efficiency shows pump stage efficiency

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