• SKILCRAFT Privacy Screen Filter For Notebook 7045-01-570-8908

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    This is a brand new never used in original packaging Skilctaft Privacy Shield in 19.0" size model 7045-01-570-8908

    Privacy filter is designed for notebooks and LCD monitors. Use to prevent viewing by others; protect against scratches and fingerprints; minimize glare; and reduce eyestrain. Screen information is viewable only to users directly in front of the monitor. Onlookers see a darkened screen from the side. Privacy filter is easy to attach and remove with no harm to screens. Filter stays in place when your laptop is closed. To choose the correct filter for your monitor, match your screen height and width to the product's description. Filter is 100 percent recyclable, and the packaging is made using 100 percent recycled content.


    •••remove and attach frameless design

    •••Made using quality 3M materials

    •••Viewable area: 19", Horizontal: 14-13/16", Vertical: 11-7/8"

    •••Only persons directly in front of monitor to view screen image

    •••Fits 19" screens, 5:4 aspect ratio

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